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Interview by Thanos Kyratzis (translated from Greek)

Who are YOKE and what is its history?

YOKE consists of a stable team of 7 people and several external collaborators. It is and remains an open community of people, in which everyone can freely express themselves and practice their own part.

The story begins some years back, in the now somewhat distant 2019. YOKE was born in a hostel in Barcelona in October 2019, when it was still the subject of a degree project within the Department of Journalism & Media Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, by Christiana Athanasiadou.

A few months after its presentation and grading, it was live and a great deal of interest in the printed copy began. Within about a month the first pilot issue was traveled and read, eventually the business began to be formalized, distribution was now done through the e-shop and the creation of the next issue. In November and became the first ecological independent Greek magazine with lifestyle-related topics. A magazine that tries to tell us everything we want to write/listen/read.

What change do you want YOKE to bring to you and its audience?

Our main mission is to accept that slow living and media can coexist. It’s a gamble to bring print into the reader’s life at least a few times a year. To ask them to pause and read it while listening to a favorite playlist. That is our core mission and the change we are trying to achieve.

Our vision is to create a seasonal eco-magazine that takes us on a journey and connects us to places, people and habits that suit us and our readers.

We want to give space and a voice to people and communities that give back.

Our bet is to remain honest and human.

To grow organically and respond to the needs of our readers.

What is the philosophy behind YOKE (not just the magazine, but everything else it creates and stands for)?

To dare and take action even if we don’t feel ready.

To believe in sharing and honesty.

To emphasize our ideas and give them time to grow and blossom. Everything created at YOKE comes from passion, joy in creating and living. It’s like a journey that never ends, it’s not a straight line, it has stops for feedback, steps back and then more steps forward. It is a collective affair that tells personal stories.

Why did you choose recycled long-lasting paper and what other green practices do you employ in how you promote/distribute the magazine?

Research was done on this particular paper and we came up with an eco-friendly premium paper, which first of all gives a feel of an old vintage magazine, but inside it touches on issues of today. The eco paper used is FSC certified – biodegradable and recyclable. More specifically our paper is. Other sustainability pillars of YOKE are:

Local Made – we support the local community as all our partners are small Greek businesses

Gives Back – we are not an NGO, but with every order we support One Tree Planted by contributing to their work.

Plastic Free – in the production process and in the selection of raw materials there is no place for plastic, we use only cotton and certified paper (environmentally friendly inks and so on).

In general, our philosophy is that nothing should be thrown away, even with the fir from the stickers or the magazine we make sure to create something. For example, from the paper left over in the margins of the magazine during printing we make the bookmarks that are distributed with the magazine.

A closing thought ^_^

Yoke means connection. Welcome on board.

How would you describe YOKE?

YOKE started as a thesis project and today it is a 100% unisex and handmade brand, a small business supporting a network of other small businesses. The core and main inspiration of the brand was its magazine. The main sections of the magazine are People, Culture, Eco-living, World, Wellness. The brand is completed with a number of environmentally friendly products, intended for everyday use, which can be found in its e-shop. The vision of YOKE and its people is to create a vibrant community that shares ideas, stories and habits.

Official website:

Instagram Account:

Facebook Page:

Where can those who are interested find it?

The YOKE magazine along with other items can be found on our e-shop, where it is regularly updated, there are often discount codes, offers and special combos. While our latest issue is also available at our retail outlets:

1. Motiv, Emmanouil Banaki 20, Athens 106 78

2. Kick, Sporadon 26, Athens 113 61

3. Father Coffee & Vinyls, Str. Kallari 9, Thessaloniki 546 22

4. Dekaepta, Al. Svolou 24, Thessaloniki 546 22

5. Kofi, Katsimitrou 4, Ioannina 454 44

6. Spix Macaw, El. Venizelou 99, Giannitsa 581 00

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