Exchange Experiences #1 (Florence 2022) - MAKE USE
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Exchange Experiences #1 (Florence 2022)

Exchange Experiences #1 (Florence 2022)

“12 days, in a foreign country, with 29 new people, in a completely different environment, 1755 km away from Larissa. For some people it may not sound so scary, for me it wasn’t exactly like that. “Seek Discomfort”, as they say in my village, which is the process of stepping outside your comfort zone and trying things you wouldn’t have otherwise chosen to do. Through this project I met many new people and we were all able to coexist and created many small projects about sustainability. Throughout these days, through meetings and discussions we exchanged views, agreed, disagreed and generally had a good and productive time. Something I would definitely do again with less stress and encourage people in general to get out of their “safe zone” and try to do things they would like to do, but something is holding them back.

Christos Panagiotopoulos

Photo by: Rebecca Lena

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