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What happened at the Ambassadors conference? #1

For five days in May, members from the local groups of all the organizations participating in the Generation Europe network met in Hattingen, Germany, for the 3rd GenE Ambassafor Conference, to create links, share knowledge and experiences, talk about their work and get closer to role and the feeling they represent. These are the so-called “Ambassadors” and I am one of them. Within these five days, and through many discussions and actions, I was born with new perspectives both on various socio-political issues that plague Greece and Europe and on the ways of activation that we have in our hands. Because of the friction with so many admirable young people and their way of thinking I came many times to the point of feeling that there is hope for a brighter future for all of us and it starts with us. As the discussion moved around the values ​​that an Ambassador has towards his team, which are many and important, I come to this personal conclusion. These values ​​are not only part of the role but of the entire personality of the person and are applied daily and inextricably at all levels of his life. I didn’t see active Ambassadors, I saw active people, and that’s probably the biggest gift from my trip.

– Vasiliki Tsaknaki

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