Exchange Experiences #2 (Florence 2022) - MAKE USE
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Exchange Experiences #2 (Florence 2022)

Exchange Experiences #2 (Florence 2022)

Colours, faces, cold, languages, laughter, hugs, warm food, parks, music, dancing, theatre. They may sound like simple words with some rudimentary coherence to some, but to me they will always take me back to Florence ’22 where Smouth, Krea & CCC came together to create awareness. I can readily admit how obvious my excitement for that trip was, both before and after. Valuable lessons, social awakening and collaboration with people who were, in theory, ” strangers”. And yet, through shared effort, games and art, the upcoming separation seemed difficult. We were called upon to answer questions and problems against the modern reality with our youthful grandiose thinking. A sustainable development, a concept so abstract, where to start and where to end. With imagination, perseverance and patience in small groups we composed the artistic rendering of the problems of the modern world that made sustainable development an elusive dream. Our inspiration, our reflections, and in an auxiliary way, the fascinating Workshops of Susanna, Lorenzo and Andrea. The bond between us, in such a beautiful landscape, materially and emotionally, was inevitable. This constant contact with others and with the arts away from routines, tasks, obligations acted for each of us at least therapeutically and is already making us look forward to the next meeting in Larissa.

Christos Papageorgiou

Photo by: Rebecca Lena

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