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At 3pm today, we publish the first comic of the «SEXULAIKOTITA» series!! For our non-Greek friends, Sexoulaikotita is a pun or a play with words which combines the concepts of sexuality and common people’s everyday life. An interesting word play in English would be “SexuALLity”.

But before that, let’s say a few words….

In March 2020, we created an online questionnaire called “Me, My Body and Others”, to explore if our peers were having the same thoughts like the ones that were on our minds and kept coming up to our meetings. That is, both body image in the media and behavioural norms in relation to the expression of sexuality, create a ‘’narrow’’ representation of the world, in which too many feel ‘left out’ or pressured to ‘fit in’. Instead of fostering equal and responsible peer interaction, our behaviour and beliefs about the body and the sexual act are judged by criteria that we have not formed ourselves and that, perhaps, they do not meet our needs.

The questionnaire was completed within a few days by more than 300 people (aged 16-30) and provided us with a very rich material.

We approached this material from many angles and aimed to organise an open webcomic development workshop in April 2020, where we would invite others to join us in creating a series of improvised comics, inspired by our survey material.

Unfortunately, quarantine and contact restrictions caused us to change plans. We ended up doing this workshop only for our team members in September 2020, guided by the LoudMouse Crew Comics team.

The result from this workshop were 4 drafts, which we worked on until mid-November.

These 4 comics (most of them in Greek) will be published one by one through the team’s Facebook and Instagram page, titled as «Sexulaikotita vol.1»,«Sexulaikotita vol.2», etc.

We hope you enjoy them and they convey some of the group’s conversations or even inspire you to get involved in something fun, which can have a social impact on those around us. Seek us out and join our group for all the great plans we have for the future.

The photos are from the comic workshop in September, as well as from some drafts of the comics you’ll see being completed during today and the following days.

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